Protect Your Apps From Un-authorized Access

What is AppLock?

With AppLock, you can password protect any app. AppLock can restrict access to the apps which are installed in your Android device. As an owner, you can easily "lock" and "unlock" any number of apps in your device. Anybody who wants to use any "locked" app on your device, needs to first supply the correct password pattern. The App can lock any application like Whatsapp, Picture Gallery or even GooglePlay store!

The app is very easy to use. You create a password pattern through which apps can be "locked" or "un-locked" in your device. As soon as Applock is configured (which takes just few seconds), the mobile device becomes 100% free from any un-authorized access. Everytime a "locked" app is being launched, the AppLock restricts the app access and asks for correct password pattern. Besides this, any un-authorised user can not even delete or uninstall any "locked" apps, including AppLock itself. So, isn't it super secure?


Here is the list of features available in the AppLock.

Draw Password Pattern

Locks Anything or Everything

Detailed Access Logs

Capture Intruder's Pic

Schedule Locking

Repeat Locking Daily

Lock Phone Remotely

Change App Themes

Restricts Uninstallation

Handle Failed Logins

Pattern Recovery Option

Many Other Features
Coming Soon!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppLock and what it can do?

AppLock is an app which is used to lock the installed apps on the device whether they are System application or third party applications. Besides this, you can view the logs of all successful and unsuccessful access attempts in your mobile phone. If you don't want anyone to access your phone gallery, whatsapp messages, or any other application without your permission, just use AppLock. Moreover, you can lock your phone remotely if you enable Remote Locking feature in the app, which comes for free!

Is AppLock free?

Yes, AppLock is absolutely free to use. You can download it free from Google Play Store.

What is the link for downloading AppLock App?

You can download AppLock from Google Play Store here.

AppLock is supported on which platform/phones?

AppLock is supported on devices running on Android 4.1 or later.

Is there any special settings needed to install the AppLock?

No special settings are required for below Android 5.0 Lollipop versions. On Lollipop, as soon as the app is installed and launched for first time, a dialog box appears to enable the AppLock in your device settings.

How I can lock or unlock apps in AppLock?

As soon as the AppLock is launched for first time, the user gets an option to setup his unlocking password by drawing pattern. Once this is done, the user is taken to a screen where all the apps installed on the device are listed and user can quickly "lock" or "unlock" each app.

How can I lock or unlock apps remotely, when I am away from my phone device?

Just enable the "Remote Locking" feature in the app and it will provide login credentials and a link to remotely manage your phone device. You can use any web browser to lock and unlock apps which are installed on your phone device remotely, from any corner of the world.

Can I see who tried to access my phone or apps?

Yes, you can see who tried to access your phone. AppLock can provide two types of logs - Successful Access attempts and Unsuccessful Access attempts. You can view logs, which apps were tried and at what time/date and can even get picture of the person who was trying to access your phone!

Can it prevent unsuccessful login attempts?

Yes, if anybody tries to login into your phone by using wrong password pattern then AppLock will temporarily disable login for 5 minutes after three unsuccessful login attempts.

Can I temporarily disable locking without uninstalling AppLock?

Yes, you can control when the AppLock should work and when it should not ask for password. If you don't want to see annoying password screen for some time, then you can easily disable AppLock by setting Start and End lock time. You can find this useful feature under Settings screen. Once Start and End time is set, it will automatically make AppLock active & inactive.

Can I automatically enable and disable AppLock daily?

Yes, you can schedule daily locking by setting up Start and End lock times by selecting Repeat option and chosing the days of week when you want AppLock to enable/disable.

What are Successful Logs?

Successful logs are recorded when someone access the "locked" app successfully by drawing correct password pattern. You can view app name, date and the time of access in the logs.

What are Unsuccessful Logs?

The unsuccessful logs are recorded when someone is trying to access any "locked" app and draws an incorrect password pattern. You can view app name, date, time of access and the picture of the person in the logs.

Can I install AppLock in multiple phone devices?

You are free to install AppLock in as many devices as you want. The only condition is that you use different Email addresses for registering each AppLock installation. If you will use the same Email address for many AppLock installations, it may not work correctly. We are currently working on supporting multiple devices by using the same Email address. Contact us to know about the release date of this new feature.

How to reset password, if I forget the password pattern?

If you have forgotten the password pattern, you can select the "Forgot Password" option on draw patter screen. We will send you a security code to reset your password pattern.

Can I change the password screen's look & feel?

Yes, you can change the theme of your Password Pattern screen anytime from the Select Theme option in the app. We keeps on adding new themes in the app frequently.